Call of Duty Warzone may be planning to release a mobile version, What to expect?

Call of Duty Warzone may be planning to release the mobile version
Call of Duty Warzone may be planning to release the mobile version

Call of Duty Warzone: Activision is planning to bring Call of Duty Warzone on mobile devices. Call of Duty is one of the biggest game franchises worldwide where it has released multiple titles till date for mobile, PC, and Console. After successfully launching of Call of Duty Mobile, the first mobile title of Call of Duty franchise, Activision is trying to bring more titles to mobile devices.

The Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale games for Console and windows. Now they are planning to join the Mobile platform too which is one of the fastest-growing gaming communities. Mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone will face tough competition from the other battle royale title which are currently dominating the mobile gaming scene such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile.

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Who will be competing for Mobile Version of Call of Duty Warzone in India?

India has one of the biggest mobile gaming markets where most players play battle royale games. PUBG Mobile which is developed by KRAFTON inc. became the biggest mobile title in India in 2018-2019. But due to security concerns, the Indian government had banned the game in the country in 2020. However, PUBG Mobile is returning in India with rebranded version named Battlegrounds Mobile India.

On the other hand, after PUBG Mobile got banned in India, Garena used this opportunity wisely. They attracted a large number of players in the battle royale game. Garena also worked on the esports ecosystem of Free Fire in India where they announced exclusive leagues for Indian players with an annual prize pool of over ₹2 Crore.

Recently Respawn Entertainment announced the Mobile Version of the famous battle royale title ‘Apex Legends’. This game is currently in regional beta testing exclusively for India and Singapore. They will give a tough competition to the mobile version of Call Of Duty Warzone.

If Activision is actually planning to introduce a mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone, it is likely the two Call of Duty Mobile versions will coexist. Since we all know, Call Of Duty Mobile seems far from over, it has a growing esports ecosystem worldwide where the player numbers rising day by day. Call of Duty Mobile recently crossed the 500 million downloads milestone.