Carey blames Formula 1 rules for decline in fan base

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Over the past 11 years Formula 1’s global television audience has crashed by 18.3 per cent to 490.2 million viewers worldwide. Move from free-to-air to pay TV channels worldwide can be on factor attributed to the fall in the television audience for the elite motor sports competition.

In Britain Formula 1 has lost an aggregate of more than six million viewers in the past one year alone according to data from the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB).

Formula 1 chief executive Chase Carey, however, blames the sport’s own rules for its decline. “We have got too many complicated penalties and rules,” English daily The Independence has reported Carey as saying at a recent investor conference. “We have got a 100-page regulation book. We have got to get the business to a place where it is easier to follow and has fewer complexities that fans out there really can’t follow.

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“It will always be a complicated sport that is a marriage of sporting competition and technology but we need to make it something that is more in line with what the fans want to see and what excites and energises them.”

Earlier, F1 critic Jeremy Clarkson has stated that how the sport needs to take a lead from cricket to ensure that it remains relevant to the changing tastes of masses. “The (F1) governing body needs to look at what cricket did. They had a five-day boring sport and they turned it what we saw in the final of the World Cup – super overs and crowds chanting,” the daily has quoted Clarkson as saying.

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