Catch ‘Dangal King’ Jassa Patti live on WrestlingTV; Check all details here

Jaskanwar Gill aka Jassa Patti is the undisputed champion of traditional wrestling in India. Known as the Virat Kohli of Dangal, he is a legend whenever it comes to mud wrestling. Over the course of his career, Patti has fought over 1,500 fights in which he has won 98 bikes out of which 32 are Royal Enfield bullets and the rest are Hero Honda Splendour and Discover. Besides this, he has also won seven cars, four tractors and 50 buffaloes. There are many unknown facts which the Jassa Patti fans don’t know. So, catch us live on WrestlingTV Instagram page to ask Patti a question of your choice.

Where will it happen?
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