Champions LA Lakers will not visit the White House to meet Joe Biden

NBA 2021: 2020-21 NBA Champions LA Lakers will not visit Joe Biden in the White House during their trip to Washington DC. According to tradition, the champion teams visit the president in the White House.

No NBA champion toured the White House during Trump’s term.

The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers visited Barack Obama instead. The 2017 Warriors had Stephen Curry signal he had no enthusiasm in visiting Trump, prompting the president to publicly declare their invitation had been “withdrawn.”

The 2018 Warriors did not even try considering it. The 2019 Toronto Raptors possibly had Trump’s assistance to visit, but a tour never unfolded.

LeBron James' hilarious response to being able to finally go back to White  House - Lakers Daily

Due to scheduling struggles and the COVID-19 pandemic, a trip to meet President Joe Biden has not been listed around the LA Lakers’ road game against the Washington Wizards on April 28. Road games against D.C. teams are usually when defending champions visit the White House.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reported that a scheduled appointment might be in plans, although it is uncertain that the LA Lakers will ever again be gathered in D.C. before a new champion is crowned in July.

LeBron James wants to visit Joe Biden’s White House

The development is a turnabout from the declared wishes of LA Lakers’ star LeBron James and other players. Soon after Biden beat former President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, an ambitious James said this: