Champions League final: Real Madrid, Juventus to clash under closed roof

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As giants Real Madrid and Juventus face off in Cardiff on June 3 at the National Stadium of Wales, the  European football chiefs have been discussing special measures. The security issue has being cited as a potential reason for the roof to be shut for the prestigious final, reports Wales Online.

According to a news report in , the Football Association of Wales have announced that they have taken the decision to close the stadium’s roof for the game after “recommendations made by the authorities over the last few weeks”.

An FAW statement read: “Delivering a safe, secure and memorable event for all stakeholders, in particular the teams and the spectators, has always been the primary objective for both the Cardiff 2017 Local Organising Committee (LOC) and UEFA.

“Over the course of the past 24 months, comprehensive plans have been drawn up to ensure that this objective is successfully delivered – the security operation for the four-day period covering 1 to 4 June will be the biggest ever seen for a sporting event in the UK.

“These extensive security measures, details of which have previously been shared with both the public and the media, will ensure that the UEFA Champions League Final, UEFA Women’s Champions League Final, UEFA Champions Festival and all other associated events can be safely enjoyed by all.

“Cardiff has a proud history of successfully delivering some of the World’s major sporting events, and the Cardiff 2017 LOC remain confident that this year’s two UEFA Champions League finals will be the biggest and best to date.

“Following discussions between all stakeholders, the Football Association of Wales (FAW), as the organiser of the event, has made the decision to close the roof of the National Stadium of Wales for the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final – the roof will also be closed for the two official training sessions to be held at the Stadium on Friday 2 June.