Check out the Top 3 most advanced vehicles in GTA Online

Check out the Top 3 most advanced vehicles in GTA Online
Check out the Top 3 most advanced vehicles in GTA Online

GTA 5 and GTA Online became a huge success all over the world and is the second most popular game of all time. GTA 5 possesses one of the most exotic open-worlds in the whole GTA series. Rockstar Games are diligently releasing new updates to keep GTA Online more interesting and dynamic. Different kinds of vehicles have always been a major attraction for players. GTA Online offers a wide variety of vehicles ranging from BMX to Jumbo Jets. Here are the top 3 most advanced vehicles that GTA Online has to offer:

1. Declasse Scramjet

The Declasse Scramjet is one of the most futuristic looking cars in GTA Online. It offers players to add customized weapons to the scramjet making it fast as well as dangerous. The Scramjet was first introduced in the After Hours update in the Scramjet event. It has a recorded top speed of 220.50 Km/h and costs a whopping $4,628,400.

2. Oppressor Mark II

The Oppressor MK II is one of the most lethal and futuristic vehicles in the whole GTA series. It is very popular among players as it is equipped with a plenty of different weapons. The flying bike can attain great speeds and have the ability to attack in various directions.

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3. Imponte Deluxo

The Imponte Deluxo is a futuristic flying car that was inspired by the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 which was featured in the Back to the Future series. Though Imponte Deluxo may have lost its hype but still it remains one of the most advanced vehicles to be featured in GTA Online. The players need to pay a hefty amount of $4,721,500 in order to get their hands on the Deluxo.

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