Check out the Top 3 most value for money cars in GTA Online as of September

GTA Online: Recently, Rockstar Games launched the new Los Santos Tuners update which introduced a ton of tuner-based races and action-packed missions along with a lot of new cars. Players have always loved to play with sports cars in GTA Online and some of them are incredibly good in terms of speed and handling. Every player aims to create their own dream garage in GTA Online but good sports cars come with a hefty price. Here are the top 3 most value for money cars in GTA Online that players can buy without burning much in-game currency:

  1.  Baller LE

GTA Online: Baller LE is a beast while driving on the roads of GTA. It is one of the most durable vehicles in the game. Baller LE is perfect for performing heists and other missions due to its excellent handling and a top speed of 175Km/h. Players will be able to keep the Baller LE in their garages by spending around $150,000 in-game currency.

  1. Pegassi Toros

Pegassi Toros is a luxury SUV vehicle and is heavily based on the real life supercar the Lamborghini Urus. It is one of the most efficient cars out there in terms of performance. Pegassi Toros has a recorded top speed of 127.5 mph and is a worthy addition to a player’s garage. Players have to spend $498,000 in-game currency to own the Pegassi Toros.

  1. Bravado Banshee 900R

Bravado Banshee 900R is one of the most value for money cars in GTA Online. The Banshee 900R boasts a top speed of 131 mph and is capable of quick acceleration. It also features exceptional handling and braking abilities. All these features come with a significantly low price compared to its peers. Players can get their hands on the Banshee 900R by spending $565,000 in-game currency.

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