Chennai’s Yellow Lions take to wheels for Gulf Oil TVC

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Dwayne Bravo now is as familiar a name for his musical skills as he is known for his cricketing credentials. The Caribbean all-rounder thus leads a five-member Chennai Super Kings bunch, including skipper MS Dhoni, on a brand duty for Gulf Oil – of the Kings’ sponsors.

Bravo, Harbhajan Singh, Shane Watson, Ravindra Jadeja and Dhoni have all featured in the Gulf Oil digital campaign video ‘Dum Andar’.

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There being no music instruments, Bravo makes his teams strike the right notes with a car doors and seat-belt lock as Harbhajan is made to lock and unlock the seat belt in a synchronised movement of opening and closing of the rear doors to create a rhythmic tune. All done under instructions from Bravo on the driver’s seat with Harbhajan, Watson and Jadeja in the car. Dhoni emerges on a motorbike to sum up the video.

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd, part of the Hinduja Group and one of the oldest partners of CSK, have launched ‘Dum Andar’ campaign.

“Our brief to the agency was to create a campaign that combines the brand values of CSK with that of Gulf Oil and enhance the perception of our products in the minds of our customers and partners. Cricket is a passion in India and we wanted a high energy and fun route to leverage this passion on to our products, which will have a long lasting impact on our customers,” said Anuradha Bose, Strategic Brand & Marketing Officer, Gulf Oil India.

‘Dum Andar’ is a digital first campaign, which revolves around the idea of inner strength. The insight originated from the question, “What makes a champion”. The brand realized that it is inner strength that differentiates a good athlete from a champion. Once the insight was identified, the marrying of the thought to the creative execution was seamless.

Dwayne Bravo is one of the iconic Super Kings, is known for his musical abilities, with his “Champion” and “Around the World” music videos, registering over a Million views each on YouTube, soon after they were released. Gulf Oil approached Bravo to create a peppy rap song that articulated the spirit of ‘Dum Andar’ along with his team-mates Ravindra Jadeja, Shane Watson, Harbhajan Singh and Captain Cool M S Dhoni, who is also Gulf Oil India’s brand ambassador. The music for the song was created by using automotive sounds giving a refreshing new interpretation to the phrase ‘Driving a car powered by Gulf Lubricants makes you feel like a rock-star’.

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