Chinese Super League puts salary cap for players

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Chinese Super League (CSL) has imposed a salary cap on domestic and foreign players. The new policy to be implemented from the 2020 season has also redefined the rule that governs naturalized players.

“For the healthy and sustainable development of the league, we have studied the advanced practices from all over the world and carried out these policies,” Chinese national news agency has quoted from a China Football Association notice to all the professional football clubs.

“We hope these detailed policies could help us to improve the managing level and the competition of our professional leagues,” the notice said.

As per the new salary cap, local Chinese players’ salary has been capped at $ 1.45 million. The overseas players will not be able to draw more than $ 3.35 million. The Chinese national team players’ will have a salary cap of $ 1.74 mn. The contract cap for the gross salary will also include income from the bonus, image rights, real estate, cars, stocks and bonds, the agency has reported.

The CFA will also monitor and authorize the business contracts of the players.

In the revised CFA policy on the club’s foreign players’ quota, every super league club can register seven foreign players during the 2020 season. However, only six of them will be registered at one time, five could be in a squad list, and only four could play in a match.

Restriction on naturalized players will also be imposed in the 2020 season, according to the notice. The naturalized player who was born in China or has Chinese ancestry will not occupy a club’s foreign players quota. A naturalized player who has owned Chinese citizenship for more than five years or eligible for playing for the Chinese national team will also not occupy the foreign player’s quota.

Other naturalized players will occupy the club’s foreign player’s quota.