CM Punk gives advice to Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik ahead of Summerslam

WWE News: It is almost six-years when CM Punk last performed in WWE. However, Punk returned WWE backstage last year and joined in a conversation with Renee Young since then, Punk is pretty much paying attention to new faces in WWE and observing these talents.

CM Punk is known for his cult persona and for his humorous reaction on mic. However, Punk recently took a jib on the recent assault on Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik Mysterio by Seth Rollins and Co. Murphy. This past week on RAW they unleashed a 30 kendo stick strike on Dominik which further left him helpless inside the ring.

CM Punk suggests a stipulation for WWE SummerSlam

CM Punk was seen in a banter mood. Post that brutal beating to Dominik, his concerned father Rey Mysterio sent out a warning to Seth Rollins. CM Punk then gave a suggestion.

Everyone in the WWE Universe agreed with that tweet.

Interestingly, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio were in a heated rivalry in 2010.

The two would face each other at the WWE Over The Limit pay-per-view. The match was a straight edge society pledge vs hair match between the two future legends.

Mysterio would defeat Punk in the match. The master of the 619 would shave the head of the leader of Straight Edge Society.

CM Punk teases his potential future

Fast forward to the afternoon on 11th August and WWE on Fox sent out a tweet. The page posted about Punk’s comments on Mysterio earlier in the day.

Punk would then respond to WWE on FOX Twitter, saying this.

There have been a few rumors about members of Retribution. However, none of them have been linked with CM Punk. Punk is a man known for his outspoken and honest qualities. He lives by the straight edge lifestyle.

In WWE as well, Punk was the rebellious one. Due to this nature, one of the nicknames Punk had was the voice of the voiceless. As of now, The Retribution group members look like NXT talents and no one has shown a shade of CM Punk.