Did CoA shortlist candidates for NCA with no background of cricket?

BCCI Acting Secretary Amitabh Choudhary (Left)BCCI CoA chief Vinod Rai (Right): Did CoA shortlist candidates for NCA with no background of cricket? - InsideSport

Did the Committee of Administrators, appointed by the Supreme Court to supervise the governance in Board of Control for Cricket in India, shortlist candidates for the National Cricket Academy who have no background in cricket?

Did CoA get a nod from BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary for the appointment of its shortlisted candidates without the approval from the working committee or general body?

The Answer is YES. In a recent letter to the CoA, the BCCI officiating secretary has stated his strong reservations on the appointment process and competence of the candidates CoA had shortlisted for the NCA. However, Choudhary had eventually said, in his own words, “let it pass in deference to the decision of the CoA as NCA needed urgent attention”.

“Where appointment in the NCA was concerned, I had raised my objection saying none of the shortlisted candidates had any background in cricket… I let it pass in deference to the decision of the CoA, and as NCA after having acquired a new 40-acre campus needed urgent attention. Also, with this background, I was reasonably confident that, as an exception, I could get it approved post facto by the General Body despite there being no consultation nor collective decision on the process to be followed,” Choudhary has stated in his letter to the CoA.

The BCCI secretary has in the letter has accused the CoA of consulting and ignoring the BCCI office-bearers and general body as per its convenience. Choudhary in his letter has stated that while the General Body was called in November to consider the issues like FTP, RCA’s suspension, NADA testing authority and the settlement with Kochi Tuskers compensation; then why was it that the CoA did not consider it appropriate to follow the procedure for appointment of GM Marketing, who the letter states “has been selected by only two people, neither of whom represents the thirty-seven member units of the BCCI, did not even figure in the initial list of candidates”

“I have once again not been any part of the decision making process on the appointment (of GM Marketing) and the same having been done without even the concurrence of the office bearers if not the General Body surprises me, more so when the said appointment is proposed on a post which was not only hitherto nonexistent but is also not one of the positions recommended by the Justice Lodha Committee,” Choudhary has stated in a strongly-worded letter, while advising the CoA that “the only proper way forward on the issue of appointment of GM Marketing would be to allow the General Body to consider it before the final decision taken by you is implemented”.

The BCCI secretary has also hit back on the CoA on the latter’s allegations that Choudhary did not take the players into concern before deciding on the day-night Test.