Coronavirus Impact: Fewer fans return for WWE in empty stadium

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The WWE excitement is no more the same as the wrestlers are battling it out in empty arena without the excitement created by furore of thousands of fans.

The combat sport’s entertainment business is all about playing to the galleries. Wrestlers interaction with and support by animated fans create the excitement that attracts millions of sport lovers worldwide to television screens on the dedicated hours.

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Since that integral part which adds value to the excitement of the wrestling drama has been missing, the television audience count of the league is also coming down.

The WWE audience numbers published by the Forbes magazine are a study in contrast to the common notion that the audience ratings for the event will rise sharply as people are confined to their homes and there is precious little LIVE sports action to watch.

The March 17 broadcast of Raw, which represented its first WWE Performance Center broadcast, according to the Forbes has translated to its highest viewership in a month, garnering 2.335 million viewers.

The WWE Raw Viewership for the Coronavirus-impacted shows, which had recorded 2.335 million impressions on March 16 had fallen to 2.006 million ( the second-lowest non-holiday viewership in history, on March 23.

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