Cricinfo dedicates maiden ad campaign in 25 years to its fans

ESPNcricinfo, the world’s leading single-sport news portal, to celebrate its foray into the 25th year has launched an ad campaign dedicated to all the fans that have been a part of their journey and have established an ever-lasting bond for the love of cricket.

The one-minute short film shot over 3 days’ time in areas around Delhi and Gurgaon acknowledges the fan involvement with the portal, and how across all age groups the brand connects with one common love- Cricket.

Undisputedly, the most visited, most reliable, most informative and up to date web destination for cricket, ESPNcricinfo has a lot to boast about. However, the campaign in the simplest and logical method describes it all. It is a fan, the ultimate consumer, that makes and certifies ESCPcricinfo to be what it has been and what it brings to that loyal force of billions of fans.

Through the campaign, ESPNcricinfo reiterates how following a match, watching an expert analysis, following ball-by-ball commentary or analysing the stats of the game becomes so much easier with the portal and surpassing all possible limitations, it keeps the passion for cricket alive within the heart of the fans.

This passion and dedication combined with the efforts of the brand to evolve with the growing technology and content consumption methodology has made its platform the “Cricket’s biggest fan club on Earth”.

“ESPNcricinfo and the fans have been with each other for the last 25 years and this is the first time that we have launched a brand campaign exclusively for our fan base. Rather than talking about what we do, what we can do and promote ourselves, we have tried to limit our campaign around the fans and how they use our platform. Through the modern theme and lively experience shown in the campaign, we are trying to remain relevant in accordance with the changing trends amongst the youth,” ESPNcricinfo’s Director, Business Development and Head of Marketing Gaurav Thakur told

“We are not a brand that has spent a lot of money on advertising but we focus on providing relevant and authentic content to our fan base. A lot of growth for us has been through the word of mouth. It has never been about user acquisition for us. We thus tried to keep it relevant during the India- Sri Lanka ODI series because we have rights for the clips of the matches and we also wanted to avoid the clutter of branding,” he added.

The campaign is designed by Lefts Meet Right, an advertising agency based out of Mumbai and produced under the banner of Carbon Black Films.

Along with the campaign the brand is focusing on social activation by launching digital campaign with the same theme of “biggest fan club”, providing the creative of fans consuming content and how the brand has helped them raise their game. The brand also plans to invite the fans to share their best moments with ESPNcricinfo on their social media channels.