Cricket Australia crisis: Now Mark Taylor resigns as CA’s director

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Right before the India tour of Australia, Cricket Australia is in complete turmoil. After the resignation of CA’s chairman last week, no Mark Taylor has stood down from his role as a Cricket Australia director after 18 months of turmoil in the game took its toll on the former Test captain.

“I think I’ve made the right move in the interests of Australian cricket to step [away],” Taylor said.

He said the findings from the Longstaff review were part of his decision, but not the sole factor – last year’s pay dispute and the relationships that fractured as a result also played their part.

“I’ve just got to the end,” he said. “Over the last 13 years, but particularly the last 18 months…it’s taken its toll on me. Over the past two weeks, particularly so. I’ve lost the energy and it’s time for someone else to step up and fill my shoes.

“I sit in an interesting position as a former player, a board director and a broadcaster. It’s difficult to get the balance right. Balancing those positions is tough and it takes it out of you.”

The finds of the report, conducted by The Ethics Centre, were made public last week and found CA to have been “controlling” and “arrogant”,and allowed a win-at-all-costs mentality to develop that culminated in the ball tampering scandal in South Africa.

Taylor was initially touted as a replacement for Peever, but his long-term broadcasting commitments ruled him out of the running. Earl Eddings took over from Peever on an interim basis and the caretaker chairman thanked Taylor for his contribution to cricket in Australia.

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