Cricket Business : Bangladesh Premier League unlikely this year says BCB

‘If the BCCI can’t host the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) in India, how we can host Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)
This statement by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hasan Papon has more or less sealed the future of BPL season this year. According to the BCB, in all likelihood season of BPL this year will be postponed. 
“It’s very difficult. In Bangladesh I don’t think so! Look, they even can’t play IPL in India. They will be playing it outside the home country, but not many players will be able to come there either; There is no certainty as to who will be able to come.” said the BCB President. 
Like in India, in Bangladesh as well cricket has come to complete standstill due to Covid-19. With Coronavirus still spreading its menace, the BCB president told the media that the board was not considering to host any cricket matches, international or domestic, untill the COVID-19 situation in the country improves.

‘Only England are holding cricket matches now so I don’t see any point in taking a risk by trying to be brave. We have to wait,’ said Nazmul.

Cricket in Bangladesh has remained halted since mid-March, when BCB postponed the Dhaka Premier League after only the first round. The board was trying to end the barren period by touring Sri Lanka next month, but they were in no hurry to resume the postponed DPL (Local cricket league) or BPL this year. 

‘As far as I am concerned, the league can start under only two conditions. Firstly, if the corona situation in Bangladesh improves or if the vaccine arrives. Otherwise I don’t see any logic in starting the league,’ said the BCB boss.

”Suppose I started with a negative 20-30 players, but when you go to play you will see that it is positive. I am negative today, but no one can guarantee that I will not be positive tomorrow. Now it is said that airborne, the virus may be in the air. Can stay in the elevator, in the car, can enter through the door. There is so much possibility of it that there is no guarantee that no one will come forward to say no now. So since there is no certainty, we have to be careful enough, we can’t start cricket like this”. 
Cricket Business : Bangladesh tour of Sri Lanka declares Bangladesh Cricket Board

Meanwhile, BCB has agreed to tour Sri Lanka as they consider the island country completely safe in the current times. 

‘The only reason we are sending the team to Sri Lanka is because it is one of the safest countries. Even New Zealand has gone for lockdown again. Sri Lanka hasn’t found any new cases in the last few months.’

Nazmul also said that all players will get tested multiple times before they board the flight to Sri Lanka and planned to shorten the residential camp at home.

‘We have instructed them to get tested from labs from their hometowns. We will only call the negative ones to the camp and once they arrive here, we will test them again. Then test them after 20 days.

‘I have proposed that we should shift most of the training to Sri Lanka which we can assume is a safer place. Making the training camp short here, we should go there early and hold a longer camp in Sri Lanka.’

Nazmul also claimed that the board has already rescheduled all of the bilateral series’ the Tigers missed out on due to the pandemic, other than the Autralia series.

‘We have already rescheduled all the postponed series, except the one with Australia. Because we can’t match timing with them, otherwise we can play all the postponed series in New schedule’.