ICC Meeting: Big day for the world cricket as ICC set to decide on these 5 issues

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) board meeting has never been so keenly followed in the past, the way it would be today. The cricket world is reeling under the pain of Covid19 and ICC would be expected to take some extremely important, decisive and sensitive decisions which will decide the future of cricket in the coming years. The finger are already being raised on the world body’s silence on some of the key issues effecting the world cricket. Be it scheduling nightmare, decision on the T20 World Cup, revenue shares for the ICC member boards or the support to the struggling boards – the global body until now has just stayed mum. Finally on the Thursday afternoon, the ICC Board members involving all test playing nations will meet over teleconference to decide and deliberate on 5 key issues. The Agenda of the ICC Board Members teleconference will have these 5 points as priority – 
Issue 1 – T20 World Cup fate / postponement to be deliberated today
The organizers of the T20 World Cup have already shown its inability to conduct the T20 World Cup in Oct-Nov, the world is in pain due to Covid19 pandemic, the cricketing activities world over since last 3 months are completely stalled , the global economy is shrinking, fans can’t be allowed to attend the matches – in middle of these circumstances, ICC will formally move to postpone the T20 World Cup today. The ICC Board members will deliberate the window for the postponed world cup and that is where the ICC Board has to decide whether to move the event to 2021 or 2022 ? The cricket fans in India especially will watch the developments keenly as even the fate of IPL 2020 will also be dependent on the decisions made in this ICC Board meeting. 
Issue 2 – Bilateral Scheduling and ICC Revenue Shares to member board
The world cricket calendar is completely in mess. No cricket has been played over last 3 months with more than 100 days of international cricket cancelled over this period. Some of the member boards are struggling to enter into new broadcast deals without proper clarity on the FTP’S. The financial status of the boards are deteriorating by the day. Under these circumstances ICC Board first would have to decide on the scheduling of the FTP and then more importantly they will deliberate on the finances of the member boards. As ICC T20 World Cup 2020 is likely to be postponed – should the revenue shares to the member boards due in September also gets postponed or will some part of the revenue share be passed as advances to sustain the boards ?? All of these issues will be deliberated in the ICC Board meeting on Thursday. 
Issue 3 – Tax Issues with BCCI
The Tax matter with BCCI has taken an ugly turn. The exchange of emails between ICC and BCCI has turned ugly as the former has threatened to terminate the hosting rights of BCCI in case they can’t procure tax exemptions from the Indian government. The Indian board has asked for extension of the deadline to June 30th to seek such exemption from the government. The ICC Board will deliberate whether such deadline can be granted ?
Issue 4 – Finalization of Election Procedure for ICC CHAIR
The ICC Nominations committee met on Tuesday to finalize the election procedure for electing the next chairman of ICC. The Nomination committee’s recommendations will be presented to the ICC Board and the election procedure will be finalized. 
Issue 5 – Playing Guidelines
The ICC has already released the guidelines to resume cricket globally. Some of those guidelines have been slammed in almost every cricket quarter as ‘impractical’. The ICC Board may do a rethink on some of those guidelines during the ICC Board meeting.