Cricket Business: CSA upset with Smith as he suggested Sourav Ganguly’s name for ICC President

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Graeme Smith is learning his lessons in Sports politics hard way. As the former South African captain and its current Cricket Director, Smith batted for the appointment of Sourav Ganguly as the chief of the International Cricket Council, it has ‘upset’ the Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) top bosses.

Cricket South Africa upset with Smith, clarifies

Immediately after Smith suggested the name of Ganguly as ICC President, CSA clarified its position, saying that it does not want to anticipate any candidates who may be nominated for the ICC election.

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In a carefully worded statement, CSA president and chairman of the Board, Chris Nenzani said: “We must respect both the ICC protocol and our own protocol in deciding which candidate to back.”

“There have been no candidates nominated as yet and once such nominations have been made the Board of CSA will take its decision in terms of its own protocol and give the chairman the mandate to exercise his vote as an ICC Board Director accordingly.”

CSA also made it clear that only Board of CSA will take decision in this regard – clearly hinting their displeasure at Smith’s statement. CSA made it clear that though they have highest regard for Smith but at the moment we don’t want to anticipate any candidates who can be nominated for the top post of ICC.
 “We have the highest regard for the opinions of our Director of Cricket, Graeme Smith, who is a well-respected figure in world cricket and has already made an immense contribution in fulfilling his mandate to make our cricket teams world leaders again.
“At the moment we don’t want to anticipate any candidates who may be nominated for this important position to lead the game we all love,” concluded Mr. Nenzani.
Earlier just few hours before the CSA’S above statement, Smith had openely backed the idea of Sourav Ganguly taking charge as the next president of the International Cricket Council (ICC) as he feels cricket’s governing body needs “strong leadership” once the sports resumes after the coronavirus crisis.
“It is very important to have the right person as head of the ICC. Post-Covid, cricket will need strong leadership and it is time for someone close to the modern game with leadership credentials to get into the position.
“It would be great to see a cricket man like Ganguly to get into the role of the ICC president. That will be good for the game. He understands the game, he has played at the highest level and he is respected,” Graeme Smith said.
Clearly Smith’s statement has not gone down well with CSA’s top bosses.