Cricket Business : SLC Media & Team Sponsorship rights tender postponed for 6th time

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Cricket West-Indies (CWI) president announced couple of days back that the West-Indies cricket is in ICU. Like CWI, SriLanka cricket (SLC) though yet to publicly admit is also in the same situation due to the impact of Covid19. Once again on Sunday, SLC had to postpone all their commercial tenders including the media rights, team sponsorship and ground sponsorship rights. 
SLC Postpones media rights tender for 6th time
This is the 6th time in last 3 months that the SLC has to postpone its media rights and other tenders due to the Covid19 impact and very limited interest.  The tender was first released in the month of February and since then it has got postponed multiple times. Despite the extended timelines and changes in the ITT document, the media rights portfolio of SLC has failed to woo the global broadcasters.
In a letter to the bidders, SLC wrote, “Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdowns and curfews currently being experienced in Sri Lanka as well as overseas, the offer submission date will be notified in due course,” “SLC will keep the Bidders informed of the updated tour schedule and the Bid submission date” according to a report published in Sunday Times.
Continuous postponement of the tenders clearly shows that the interest to the rights is very limited. Especially in the media rights tender. As reported earlier with no clarity on India series the chances of tender getting any takers is very limited. Few days back SLC had requested via email to BCCI to re-schedule the tour of Indian cricket team (3ODI’S & 3T20’s) in July. That would have generated some some interest for the broadcasters in SLC’s media rights portfolio. But InsideSport has learnt from its sources that it is unlikely that under the current circumstances and restrictions BCCI will entertain the series in July or beyond. 
Without India Series – SLC has little chance to get a broadcaster
InsideSport has already reported couple of weeks back that Star India and Discovery has decided to stay away from the tender of SLC Media rights. Now with India series also in jeopardy, the only bidder Sony Pictures Network may also lose interest. 
SLC’S financial woes : Most of the revenue Streams Stalled
– 50-55% of SLC’ revenues are generated through its media rights
– SLC currently does not have a broadcaster
– SriLanka cricket team does not have any team sponsor
– Contracts with Dialog and others have lapsed
– SLC’s ground sponsorship deals are also not in place
– Most of the revenue streams are inactive
The commercial situation for SLC is precarious currently. If things does not get improved in the next few days, don’t be surprised if SLC big-wigs also make a public statement like CWI of being in ICU.