Cricket Business : Sourav Ganguly as ICC Chairman – permutations, chances, rider & procedure

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The global cricket politics for the next few days will be centered around one name – Sourav Ganguly. Reason, the cricketing world has tipped him as the next chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC). But the big question, is Sourav himself interested in the job, is the BCCI ready to propose his candidature, is the other cricket boards ready to dance to BCCI’S tune – InsideSport will give you the entire lowdown on how the current BCCI’s president can become the chairman of the ICC. Resting all the speculations, we bring you the permutations, chances, riders and procedure for Ganguly to become the next ICC chairman – 
First thing First – Is Sourav Ganguly BCCI’S choice for the ICC Chairman post?
Everyone in the cricket politics knows that to lead the world’s richest cricket board i.e BCCI is more challenging, satisfying & prestigious than leading ICC. Sources in BCCI is clear that Ganguly’s first choice is still to lead the Indian board. But the president of the BCCI has a tenure problem on his hands. Ganguly’s short, nine-month term will come to an end in July under the current constitution, after which he will have to go through a mandatory “cooling off” period of three years where he cannot hold an office bearer’s post in Indian cricket.

BCCI currently has filed a petition with the Supreme Court to relax the tenure norms to allow Ganguly to serve a full three-year term. The court is yet to hear the matter. If the court decision goes unfavorable, then Dada will be proposed for the highest post in the world cricket. 

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“It is quite clear, leading BCCI will be the priority. Only if that is not possible, Ganguly can go for the ICC Chairmanship”, said the senior BCCI official to InsideSport. 
“As far as the BCCI is concerned we would certainly like an Indian to lead the global body and our president has credentials obviously. But again we haven’t yet discussed it,” Arun Dhumal, treasures of BCCI said on Friday.
So the RIDER is clear – Sourav Ganguly will only go for the ICC post only if continuation as BCCI president becomes impossible
Secondly – Are other cricket boards ready to rally around BCCI and Sourav Ganguly ?
India’s financial stronghold in world cricket and the financial mess most cricket boards are currently in will make them extremely positive about supporting BCCI and Ganguly’s candidature. 
Former South Africa captain & now Cricket South Africa’s cricket director Graeme Smith has already set the tone by proposing Ganguly’s name, though his board i.e CSA on Thursday backtracked from the comments. Probably this led, BCCI treasures to issue following statement on Friday. 
“When South Africa’s tour of India got cancelled due to coronavirus, we had discussions that if there is a possibility, we will make an effort to tour South Africa. But at no point have we made any commitment to Cricket South Africa about touring in August,” Dhumal told PTI in an exclusive interaction.
CSA is banking on India’s 3T20 games tour to pull them out of the financial mess they are currently in. “We will lose millions if India does not come and our troubles will start”, said Jacques Faul, CEO of CSA. Now with such a dependence on the BCCI, one can easily imagine the commercial power Indian board holds on the world cricket and mind it CSA is not alone in this. 
– If India tour of Australia in Dec / January doesn’t happen – Cricket Australia will go down the drain as they will lose more than USD 250 Million
– If Indian team tour to SriLanka (3ODI – 3T20) in July gets jeopardized, SriLanka Cricket (SLC) will not find any takers for their broadcast rights. 
– If Indian team’s 3T20 games tour to South African brokered by new cricket director of Cricket South-Africa (CSA) in August gets cancelled, loses will be in the range of $12-15 Mn
– Cricket West-Indies (CWI) / Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) / Zimbabwe Cricket will not get any takers for the media rights portfolio if BCCI does not allow series with them. 
Even a novice in world cricket politics can make out that with such power in the hands of BCCI they can easily maneuver, procure votes for Dada if required. 
Third Point – Does Sourav Ganguly qualify for the ICC post ?
As per the ICC’s norms, candidates for the chairman post need to have attended a board meeting or been a past director to qualify for the coveted post. Sourav hasn’t attended an ICC board meeting in person but did so via video-conference in late March. And as per the ICC Constitution, this makes Indian captain eligible to throw his hat in the ring for the chairman’s post. 
Moreover for the first time now Ganguly will attend ICC meeting as ICC Director on May28th. BCCI had complete the procedure as required after the March meeting and now Ganguly is officially ICC Director as required for his nomination to be the ICC Chairman. 
So as per the ICC Constitution – Ganguly is all clear
Fourth Point – ICC Procedure & Timelines to elect its Chairman
First the ICC’s nominations Committee is set to formalise the election procedure for the post of chairman at a meeting on May 26. And, this sub-committee headed by Manohar is set to decide timelines for the election. Post that around 90 former ICC directors may secretly propose a candidate; eligible nominees are then sought out and their interest ascertained; a list is then presented to the ICC Board for final selection.
15 directors (12 Test playing nations and three Associates) on the board then nominate one candidate and nominees with two or more votes can contest for the chairman’s post. To be elected as an independent chairman, one needs a two-third majority on the board.