Cricket Business : Under pressure from FICA and players, BCB to release 2019 WC prize monies

The members of the Bangladesh Cricket team can finally breathe easily. After months of persuasion, follow-ups and finally pressure from FICA, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has finally agreed to release the share of players for the world cup winnings in 2019.

Bangladesh’s World Cup campaign ended on July 5 last year and cricketers were expected to receive USD 120,000 for their three World Cup wins, considering they were expected to get USD 40,000 per win from the International Cricket Council (ICC). Even after 11 months, players are yet to get their shares. Now with the intervention of first Cricket Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB) and then International Federation of Cricketers (FICA), BCB finally has relented.

CWAB’s president Naimur Rahman Durjoy confirmed it on Friday, May 29, that they had successfully managed to convince the board to distribute the prize money with the cricketers though BCB was initially reluctant to part ways with it.

“They would have got the money to win the match. There was some hesitation initially about whether the players deserved the prize money. However, because of the discussion with the board, that hesitation has been cleared. Now they are also getting the prize money,” said Naimur. “The process had started before Eid and now, as soon as the office is opened, the money will be deposited in the player’s accounts.”

The MPA agreement stipulates that the money should be paid to the cricketers within 14 days of it being deposited in the board’s account. However, no work was seen in this regard by the Bangladesh board. In the face of the demands by the cricketers, CWAB found out that the BCB had objected to paying the prize money.

BCB declares, Cricket activities in Bangladesh will stay suspended

Meanwhile, BCB’s chairman of cricket operations Akram Khan has declared that the board is not planning to start any activities of the national team anytime soon keeping the safety of the players in mind.
‘At our end, the situation is very critical and risky,’ the former Bangladesh skipper told New Age on Friday.

Bangladeshi cricketers are staying at home as part of health protocols and have been out of cricket since the suspension of the Dhaka Premier League in March. Keeping fit while staying indoors is proving to be a challenge for the players with only a handful of them having gym equipment at their home while others were using makeshift equipment and free hand exercises according to the reports. Akram admitted that the players were getting rusty but claimed that they were under continuous scrutiny of fitness trainers.

‘They are not getting a chance to practice batting or bowling, that’s true but they are trying to keep themselves fit. Our physio and trainers are taking weekly updates from them, assigning work routines, so hopefully they will stay fit.’

As many offices will resume in limited capacity from Sunday, a BCB official said the cricket board’s office will also be functional after taking some health measures.

‘Firstly, all the cleaning staff and security personnel will be brought in and put in quarantine. Their cooking and lodging facilities will also be made inside the premise. They will disinfect the whole area according to the government’s health protocol. Then BCB staff who are now working from home, will join the workplace.’