Cricket Business: With India tour cancelled, no takers for SLC media and team sponsorship rights

As repeatedly reported by InsideSport over the last 3 month, Sri Lankan cricket (SLC) has once again postponed the tender for both the media and team sponsorship rights of the Sri Lankan team. This is the 7th consecutive time that the SLC has to postpone its tender which was first launched in the month of February. 

India tour cancelled, SLC has no takers for its rights
After the official announcement of cancellation of India tour of Sri Lanka by the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI), SLC rights currently has no takers. None of the 3 bidders are ready to commit values on the SLC Media rights without India tour of Sri Lanka being confirmed. 
Consequently, bids that were to be closed on Monday are now again extended till end of June. SLC is desperate to host India which is unlikely to happen anytime soon and because of which none of the bidders were ready to commit on the SLC Media Rights without clarity. 
“For us India tour is the most part of the FTP. SLC though is guaranteeing that tour will be accommodated by BCCI anytime in the 3 year cycle of rights. But we can’t commit anything if the timelines and dates for the tour does not get finalized”, said one of the bidder to InsideSport. 
Sri Lanka has lost its entire Home Season in 2020
vs England @ Home – 2TM
vs South Africa @ Home – 3ODI / 3T20
vs India @ Home – 3ODI / 3T20
vs Bangladesh @ Home 3TM  – Set to be postponed. 
SLC has already lost 3 out of 12 series listed in the ITT document. As reported by InsideSport 4th series against Bangladesh is also set to be postponed. With such a scattered calendar, neither anyone is ready to commit monies on the media rights or on the team sponsorship rights of the Sri Lankan team. 

“The uncertainty will not help us in driving up the contract prices,” a senior SLC official said on condition of anonymity. But having said that, I must also confess India is committed to honor the FTP commitments. If not in August this year, when we are trying to sneak the short series in, we will certainly play it during the three-year cycle. We can give this guarantee to the prospective bidders.”, SLC official was quoted by the local media

Board is ready to give the guarantees for the India series but still each and every bidder wants confirm dates. The SLC is also without the team sponsorship partner since the start of this year. Now with the media rights revenues also drying up, things by the day will keep getting from bad to worse for SLC.