Cricket helps Aajtak consolidate its position as No. 1 news channel

Cricket helps Aajtak consolidate its position as No. 1 news channel- InsideSport

Is it the strength of the brand that keeps its programmes ahead of the competitors? Is it a programme that enables a brand to retain its top position? Or, is it an amalgam of both?

Hindi news genre sports shows’ Week 37 (September 6-15, 2017) Barc Ratings will though strengthen the belief that it’s an amalgam of both.

For, the top ten sports shows list in the Hindi news genre HSM Market data has first six positions firmly occupied by Aajtak. News Nation and India TV equally share the other four positions.

The No. 1 sports show for the week – Ran Bhoomi on Sunday, September 10 – has recorded 433,600 impression and a 0.30 TVR in the M 22+ABC targeted audience group.

“All the six sports’ shows we (Aajtak) aired during the week are occupying the top six positions. It is a testimony to the faith our dedicated viewers have in our content,” says the channel sports editor Vikrant Gupta.

“We are happy to maintain our top position and acknowledge our viewers who are out strength,” says Gupta. “It is the credibility of the channel and strength of our programming that earns the faith of the viewers. We hope, with the India-Australia series cricket ratings we will do even better”.

India TV has made a significant impact with its star signing Virender Sehwag’s tete-e-tete with Samip Rajguru. The show ‘Cricket Kee Baat’ features at the seventh position in the top-ten list.

Considering the fact that it was Sehwag’s maiden appearance on the channel following his return to India TV, the show has made as much impact on air as the buzz it created in the media headlines next day. In this very show, seasoned host and one of the first recognized faces of Hindi news sport shows, Samip Rajguru has extracted that impactful “no setting in the BCCI” headline from Sehwag.

Goes without saying, the Sehwag-Rajguru combine will be more impactful during the series.

News Nation has its sports magazine show ‘Stadium’ placed at No. 7. The channel has also been impactful with its show ‘Virat Ka Bullet Var’ – an amalgam of Virat Kolhi and PM Modi’s vision of Bullet Train – which has references like if Bullet train will run at a maximum speed of 350 kph, you need the speed and skill of Virat while chasing or setting a 350-run target in a one-day international.

“Programming and content is our strength. The formula of integrating social issues or current affairs with sports has been liked and appreciated by our viewers. Virat Ka Bullet War was one such show and it figured among the top-10 list. This shows that viewers look for stronger content than big names,” says News Nation sports editor Karun Kumar. “Information with relevance and perspective is the philosophy of our channel head Sanjay Kushrestha.”
Aajtak, India TV and News Nation also stay ahead in the average ratings for the top sports episodes.

TV Today group has been able to establish its sporting supremacy among the English channels as well with the show SPORTS TODAY on India Today Television figuring at the No. 1 position in the top 10 chart. will be sharing with its readers weekly ratings of the top sports shows across the Hindi and English news channels every week end.