Cricket: Shane Warne signs deal with Amazon for a ‘tell all documentary’

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The leading Australian media platform Fox Sports has reported that the king of spin Shane Warne has signed a deal with Amazon for ‘never talked about and tell all’ documentary series on his life. According to Fox, the Australia’s greatest ever Test wicket-taker, Shane Warne, is reportedly in the middle of filming for a documentary on Amazon.

Fox has quoted Collingwood Football Club president Eddie McGuire who claimed that Warne had texted him this week telling him that the series was in the works.

“I’ve just received a message from Shane Keith Warne,” McGuire said on Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast. “And he writes… I’m doing a documentary and Amazon are following me around the world for 12 months. Australia, India, Vegas & the UK.

“Plus stuff I’ve never talked about and un-seen footage.”

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Sporting documentaries are very much in vogue this decade with none more popular than The Last Dance, which follows Michael Jordan’s illustrious basketball career. So now fresh off the heels of Netflix’s The Last Dance, sports fans will soon have another documentary on a living sporting legend to watch i.e. Shane Warne. Warne’s story appears to be the next cab off the ranks and follows on from last year’s The Test, which followed the Australian men’s cricket team.