Cristiano Ronaldo brand ambassador for Chinese luxury car brand Wey

Cristiano Ronaldo - InsideSport

The Portuguese and Real Madrid football star Cristiano Ronaldo has been announced as the brand ambassador of the Chinese luxury car brand Wey.

The two sides, with this new alliance, aim to deepen their cooperation in order to integrate sports charm with Chinese-style luxury and jointly interpret the brand proposition of WEY luxury SUV leaders, Wey has stated in its official release.

The 33 year-old five-time Ballon d’Or winner will serve as a brand ambassador for Wey’s premium SUV models as the Wey official brand spokesperson that will help deepen the brand’s luxury impact and build the brand’s international influence.

Under the terms of the agreement, the brand will actively support Ronaldo during his FIFA World Cup campaign scheduled to kick-off from 14th June in Russia. The football star will in return cooperate for the release of the first commercial film for the WEY brand.

Ronaldo said, “When I first learned about the WEY brand, I was looking forward to cooperation. We shared the same values—persistence, perseverance, and courage. This was my first time for Chinese luxury. SUV brand endorsement, VV7 also let me see the strength of Chinese car brands. Hope cooperation with WEY can bring more surprises to Chinese fans.”

Jens Steingräber, chief executive at Wey, said: “As the Chinese leader of premium SUVs, we have always focused on innovation through research and development, offering safe and quality products to be the first in the market. This partnership with Ronaldo will strengthen the influence and Wey’s international appeal, bringing greater exposure to the brand.”

WEI brand CEO Yan Si stated that “As a leader in China’s luxury SUVs, we have always conquered the market with innovative breakthrough R&D strengths, safe and high-quality products. This time, we will join forces with Ronaldo to add more to the WEY brand to bring charm and international influence to Chinese consumers.”

Wey has said that, as a luxury SUV leader, it will actively build brand appeal this year, and will collaborate with high-quality IP across multiple sectors such as culture and entertainment, sports and leisure to interpret high-end lifestyles. Previously, the WEY brand has become the top partner of CCTV’s 2018 FIFA World Cup broadcast.

The brand has further stated that a world-class athlete like Ronaldo will undoubtedly add more weight to the brand’s sports marketing warfare. WEY brand will continue to explore different forms of cross-border cooperation, enhance brand tone, drive brand awareness, bring deeper luxury experiences to consumers, and continue to lead the Chinese luxury SUV.

Wey luxury car segment brand of the Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors. The brand was introduced in November 2016 as part of the Guangzhou Auto Show. The sale of the first vehicles started at the end of April 2017.