Cyberpunk 2077 players take to Twitter as refund process gets delayed

The most sought after game of 2020 was Cyberpunk 2077. Every gamer rushed to play the game and now, as things have been for the game, many players have been asking for a refund. This is only because the most futuristic game is full of bugs that make it impossible for players to enjoy the game. Many players have asked for a refund, and PlayStation also released a statement saying that they would issue a refund.

When asked by players on Twitter about the status of their refund, PlayStation’s handle responded by saying “Hi there! Once we’ve confirmed that you purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via the PlayStation Store, we’ll begin processing your refund. Please note that completion of the refund may vary based on your payment method and financial institution. Hope this helps!”

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Many previous-gen devices were reporting issues while playing Cyberpunk 2077. The devices’ list included the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and CD Projekt Red was quick to notice pleas of people and issued a statement.

The statement also added that the developers have gotten into the process of fixing the performance issues on these devices and are going to come up with patch updates soon. They also added that the players who were not interested in the patch updates could opt for a refund.

After the statement issued by CD Projekt Red, and the kind of reputation they carry for fixing the bugs post the game is launched, many people have refrained from asking for a refund. However, owing to the large number of people asking for a refund, the process has become long and strenuous.

Ever since the whole issue has been taken to Twitter, there have been two 15+GB-sized hotfix patches that have been introduced, CD Projekt Red has two more patches coming soon– most likely in January and February.

The first two patch updates– Hotfix 1.05 and Hotfix 1.06 have helped users feel a lot has improved in Cyberpunk 2077. With two larger patches on the way, Cyberpunk 2077 is expected to be the highest-grossing game of 2021.