Danielle Wyatt Practising Cricket batting at home;watch video

The coronavirus pandemic has halted all the sports activities across the world.The sport of cricket is also completely on halt. cricketers confined to their home because of the virus pandemic.

With the lockdown turning out to be a good opportunity amid their busy travel schedules to spend quality time with their families, cricketers these days are enjoying the down time.

Danielle wyatt,an international cricketer and plays for the England women’s team. wyatt has been confined to her home due to lockdown.

Danielle Wyatt shared a video on her TikTok official account.wyatt can be seen practising a cricket batting in the video.

Danielle Wyatt -Remembering how to hold the bat ? #cricket #whataday

@danni_wyattRemembering how to hold the bat ? ##cricket ##whataday

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