Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020 Live: Southern Districts v BYE Live Streaming, Full Schedule, Date, India Time

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Darwin T20 Cricket LIVE between Southern Districts v BYE Live Streaming, on Saturday, Southern Districts will against off BYE

Darwin T20 Cricket LIVE (13th Jun’20 – 19th Sep’20)

Match Details
Match: Southern Districts  v  BYE
Date: 13th June 2020
Timing: 06:30 AM

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Darwin T20 Cricket League LIVE


Southern Districts v BYE Live

Southern Districts
Duncan Chubb, Brandon Paenga-Amosa, Max Holland, Jake Douglas, Angus Ryan, Alex Perez, Kieran Black, Jamason Faanana-Shultz, DeWet Roos, Paul Asquith, Faleula Finau, Apo Latunipulu, Denny Godinet, Luke Smart, Jamie Verran.

Where Darwin T20 Cricket League 2020 will be Live Streamed

A partnership between NT Cricket and Charles Darwin University will see select matches streamed live on the MyCricket Facebook page to a global audience, including one of the semi-finals and the grand final on Monday, June 8.

Matches will be held at Marrara Cricket Ground, Gardens Oval and Cazaly’s Oval, starting at 10am and 2.30pm local time each day.

Commentary on the MyCricket Facebook stream will be provided by Rob Cross, Ian Butterworth, the ABC’s Shannon Byrne and the NT News’ Grey Morris

Check the Full Schedule

Darwin T20 Cricket League (13th Jun’20 – 19th Sep’20)

Date Match Venue Time (in IST)
13-Jun-20 Southern Districts  v  BYE TBD 6.30 AM
13-Jun-20 Waratah  v  PINT Gardens Oval 6.30 AM
13-Jun-20 Tracy Village  v  Nightcliff Tracy Village Oval 6.30 AM
13-Jun-20 Palmerston  v  Darwin Cazalys Oval 6.30 AM
20-Jun-20 Southern Districts  v  PINT Fred’s Pass 6.30 AM
20-Jun-20 Darwin  v  Nightcliff Kahlin Oval 6.30 AM
20-Jun-20 Waratah  v  Palmerston Gardens Oval 6.30 AM
20-Jun-20 Tracy Village  v  BYE TBD 6.30 AM
27-Jun-20 PINT  v  Tracy Village Marrara (MCG 1) 6.30 AM
27-Jun-20 Darwin  v  Waratah Kahlin Oval 6.30 AM
27-Jun-20 Nightcliff  v  Southern Districts Nightcliff Oval 6.30 AM
27-Jun-20 Palmerston  v  BYE TBD 6.30 AM
04-Jul-20 Palmerston  v  PINT Cazalys Oval 6.30 AM
04-Jul-20 Nightcliff  v  Waratah Nightcliff Oval 6.30 AM
04-Jul-20 Tracy Village  v  Southern Districts Tracy Village Oval 6.30 AM
04-Jul-20 Darwin  v  BYE TBD 6.30 AM
11-Jul-20 Southern Districts  v  Darwin Fred’s Pass 6.30 AM
11-Jul-20 Nightcliff  v  Palmerston Nightcliff Oval 6.30 AM
11-Jul-20 Tracy Village  v  Waratah Tracy Village Oval 6.30 AM
11-Jul-20 PINT  v  BYE TBD 6.30 AM
18-Jul-20 Waratah  v  Southern Districts Gardens Oval 6.30 AM
18-Jul-20 PINT  v  Darwin Marrara (MCG 1) 6.30 AM
18-Jul-20 Palmerston  v  Tracy Village Cazalys Oval 6.30 AM
18-Jul-20 Nightcliff  v  BYE TBD 6.30 AM
25-Jul-20 Darwin  v  Tracy Village Kahlin Oval 6.30 AM
25-Jul-20 Southern Districts  v  Palmerston Fred’s Pass 6.30 AM
25-Jul-20 PINT  v  Nightcliff