Dhoni to Export Vegetables: MS Dhoni’s farm vegetables set to be sold in Dubai

Dhoni to Export Vegetables: MS Dhoni’s farm vegetables set to be sold in Dubai:   Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has been involved in organic farming after retirement and as per the latest development, vegetables grown in Dhoni’s farmhouse are set to be sold in Dubai.

Notably, the Agriculture Department of Jharkhand has taken the responsibility of sending the organic vegetables of Dhoni’s farmhouse abroad and the agency for the same has also been selected with negotiations in its final stages.

Interestingly, All Season Farm Fesh agency, which is the same agency through which the Department of Agriculture has already sent several consignments of vegetables to the Gulf countries, has been selected to sell Dhoni’s vegetables in Dubai.

Meanwhile, Abhishek Anand, who is the head of the marketing committee has informed that the government is now working under the new project. Dhoni is a brand and when the name of Jharkhand will be associated with his vegetables, the farmers here will also benefit. He also told that many agencies that did not want to come here will also come here and will work to send the vegetables here to other countries.

What types of vegetables are being produced in Dhoni’s farmhouse?

Dhoni’s farmhouse is located at Ring Road in Sembo village and it is spread over 43 acres, in which strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, papaya, peas, hock are extensively cultivated in about 10 acres of land.

Dhoni’s farmhouse vegetables are already being sold in Ranchi through kiosks

Organic vegetables grown in Dhoni’s farm are already being sold in the market and customers are also liking it. Dhoni is looking like a businessman to rely on penetrating prices for market sharing. Penetrating price means initially selling any product cheaper than the market price. Despite being organic, cabbage and other vegetables of their farm are cheaper than the vegetables of the market.

The Daily Market is the wholesale vegetable market of the Jharkhand capital Ranchi. A little ahead of the fruit market here, Dhoni’s kiosk is present in which the vegetables grown in his farm are being sold.

Cabbage has been sold for only Rs 10 per kg while tomato is being sold for only Rs 30 per kg. It will get cheaper by taking wholesale quantity. So the response of Dhoni’s goods in the market is good.

Former Indian captain Dhoni announced retirement to international cricket on August 15 in 2020. However, he took part in IPL 2020 and captained Chennai Super Kings.