Dinesh Karthik opens #IamKhaki innings for Blackberrys

Dinesh Karthik opens #IamKhaki innings for Blackberrys - InsideSport

Dinesh Karthik is leading the Kolkata Knight Riders from the front. KKR’s captain, wicketkeeper-batsman has also taken guard for Blackberrys Casuale for the brand’s latest campaign #IamKhaki.

The TVC, featuring Karthik, marks the launch of the latest khaki range from Blackberrys Casuale with the #IamKhaki campaign ahead of the Blackberrys Casuale’s India Khaki Week between April 30 and May 6.

Karthik, referred to as the ‘Man of Comebacks,’ shares his inspirational story and urges everyone to overcome every challenges and setback faced in life. “You have to keep rising which is the most important thing, and to keep rising is to keep getting strong.”

Karthik while sharing his cricketing journey over the years, also highlights each individual’s role in his success. “My parents have supported me throughout my journey, for example, during my 12th standard, they weren’t too fussed about me playing the sport. My dad used to come to bowl to me. My mom used to take me to practice a lot of times. If I’m here today, a big part of that is because of what my parents have done for me,” shares Karthik in the TVC.

Speaking about the latest Khaki edition from Blackberrys, the wicketkeeper-batsman feels that the product resembles him a lot in terms of durability, resiliency and versatility. “Khaki fabric, I feel is a lot like me, very versatile, similarly I feel khaki is something that cannot only be worn formally, but also when you are going out casually. It is easy and comfortable to wear as it is pure cotton. For me, my khaki moment would be the fact that I have been resilient over a period of time. I have played the sport all these years with the only focus of keep getting better,” said karthik.

Karthik believes that the khaki fashion has shown the same resilience over the years since it was introduced as a new fashion. “What they were used for before is different compared to what they are used for now. It’s become a fashion today with people loving the colour of it. It took a lot of time for people to accept it but it’s now accepted something really as fashion.