Doomsday Arrives in Free Fire’s Anubis Legend II Elite Pass

Free Fire, the world’s most popular battle royale game on mobile, welcomes Survivors to its latest Elite Pass (EP), Anubis Legend II. The new EP from Garena features a planet past the brink of destruction, major powers coming together to recoup what was lost, and secret assassination attempts to overthrow another country. Rewards for the Anubis Legend II EP include Egyptian-themed skins, the Relic Guardian, and Relic Monarch skin bundles.

In this continuation of the Anubis Legend EP, a future timeline within the Free Fire universe has entered doomsday, with four major countries working together peacefully to recover the world’s crumbled economy and ravaged environment. Behind the scenes, one leader’s advisors are making moves to put an end to the Republic of Kemet’s leadership, Princess Isira and Queen Amala. Fortunately, King Solaris and the princess are well versed in combat and can join forces to fight off any and all assassination attempts.

The Anubis Legend II EP includes a number of Egyptian-themed rewards that put Survivors in the shoes of two of the Republic of Kemet’s leaders, Solaris (the Relic Guardian Bundle) and Isira (the Relic Monarch Bundle). Additional skins include the Cursed Serpent Backpack, the Pharaoh Hound Loot Crate, the Anubis Legend II Grenade skin, and the Pharaoh’s Ride surfboard skin.

The Free Fire team continues to use various times in history and cultures to help them craft each new EP. In the case of the Anubis Legend II EP, they looked to the ancient and magnificent Egyptian culture using such motifs as the black and gold color combination for a more regal feel.

To experience the Anubis Legend II story firsthand and earn some truly unique rewards, please download Free Fire at the following locations.