DOTA: Yuvin Esports weekend cup to revive DOTA 2 starts today

After a successful Yuvin Cup season2, Yuvin Esports now to host Yuvin Weekend Cup tournaments for all South East Asia Teams. The Yuvin Weekend Cup is powered by Epulze, in a bid to revive Tier 2 Dota 2 in SEA. The tournament will be for the whole of South Asia which includes

The tournament is set to start from 17th October with a prize pool of $100 for every weekend.

Yuvin Esports is a subsidiary of Reckoning Esports started by Sharang ‘Sharkyy’ Naicker and has already hosted two successful community cups with over 1Million engagements across various social platforms, they attracted teams from across South Asia for the Community Cups. Reckoning Esports Dota2 team will also be taking part in the tournaments. The Weekend tournaments in a bid to revive the falling Dota2 player count across the world and specially South Asia.

Dota 2 is one of the few MOBA games that have managed to cement their feet in the world of esports. Despite the game’s incredible popularity for much of the past several years, the game’s player base is going through a major fluctuation in 2020.

Dota 2 player count in past few months

According to Dota 2 steam charts, the player count for Dota 2 dropped below 400,000 this month, the game’s lowest since 2014.