Download Free Fire on Jio Phones: APK links are fake

Download Free Fire on Jio Phones: APK links are fake

Free Fire has become one of the biggest games in India, and also recently won the mobile game of the year at Esports Awards. Along with this huge following, a part and parcel became the rumours and false information surrounding this game. One of the things that are being circulated on the internet is the most absurd one as of now– “How to play Free Fire on Jio Phone”.

Free Fire is game that can only be played on smartphones or devices that fall under a certain category– keypad phone is not one of those. The game is largely available on most iPhone and iPads, and the same cannot be said for Android devices. In order for you to play Free Fire, your device should at least have Android Operating System version 4.0 or more.

Talking about the Jio Phone, it is a simple keypad phone that could essentially cost you less than $10. The device just comes with basic communication. Though the mobile is known for being compatible with 4G technology and some other features, running heavier mobile games like Free Fire is simply impossible.

Jio Phone runs on Kai OS and cannot run Free Fire but some claim that the game can operate on the device. Installing the game through the links that are coming forward with this claim can be extremely risky. The links are either fake or could be a malware.

Those who are trying to install the game on a Jio device must know it could be a huge privacy breach.