Esports: Dr.Disrespect gets his own map and skin in Rogue Company

Dr Disrespect has officially revealed the trailer for ‘The Arena’ map in Rogue Company.

Dr Disrespect is now a playable character skin in Rogue Company. As the game picks up steam, Hi-Rez continues to push for collaborations between external personalities. They already have weapon and character skins for 100 Thieves a very popular esports org from NA. This time, the collaboration is with Dr Disrespect.

Today, Dr Disrespect tweeted out a minute long clip of the new collaboration between himself and Rogue Company. The clip itself shows off a new map, and plenty of Dr Disrespect themes, as Doc can be heard saying many of his most popular quotes. At the end of the clip, the Dr Disrespect skin is officially unveiled. It’s almost an exact likeness, with the mullet, the moustache, the glasses, and of course, the armor.


The Arena is all in red and black, the Doc’s signature colours, and puts his accomplishments on display, both real and fictional. These include the two back to back Blockbuster championships and the streamer awards, like the one from Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards for example. Furthermore, there even a studio that resembles the on Dr Disrespect streams from. Dr Disrespect’s Arena map is now playable, and his skin is out for purchase too. It costs $20 or 2,000 Rogue Bucks, and the bundle is a legendary skin for the Rogue Character Dallas.