Drama in DDCA: Anonymous ‘competent authority’ removes vice-president

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The drama that has started with the resignation of Rajat Sharma from the post of the Delhi & Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) on Sunday continues uninterrupted.

A day after vice-president Rakesh Bansal was “appointed” the interim president of the body by the Apex Council, with a majority nine-member vote, he has been “removed” from the office of the vice-president. The orders are passed as Bansal has allegedly been charge-sheeted in a criminal case.

The DDCA Chief Financial Officer in an internal email had informed the directors that “the competent authority” had removed Bansal from the post of the DDCA vice-president.

Thereafter, a Press release has been circulated to announce the decision. “Bansal has been accused of signing a cheque worth ₹50 lakh to a company. The cheque had subsequently bounced and a police case was filed against him,” states the press note.

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“The DDCA, on Wednesday, received intimation that Mr. Rakesh Bansal, who is Vice-President of DDCA, has been accused and charged in a criminal case for offence under Section 138 NI Act by the Court of Mr. Tushar Gupta, Metropolitan Magistrate,” the release added.

“Upon due verification on the official E-courts web portal of Delhi District Courts, it has been found that the said orders (Ct Case No. 3624/2018 , Ct. Case No. 3623/2018 & 3622/2018 ) were passed on September 9, 2019 by Metropolitan Magistrate, Mr Tushar Gupta.”

Bansal until last week has been with the Rajat Sharma faction. He was among the signatories for most of the actions initiated against DDCA secretary Vinod Tihara. However, he along with several other Apex Council members had brought in three different resolutions against Sharma, leading to the DDCA president’s resignation from his office and the DDCA membership.

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Following DDCA ombudsman Justice (Retd) Badar Durrez Ahmed’s intervention, Sharma had since withdrawn resignation. The ombudsman had also ordered to restore status on quo on various matters, including Tihara’s suspensiom.

The withdrawal of the Sharma’s resignation and the ombudsman’s notice, however, were ignored by the Apex Council. Following the meeting on Tuesday, the nine Apex Council members had called a Press conference and announced Bansal as interim president, DDCA. The council had also revoked Tihara’s suspension from the secretary’s office, while also resolving that the DDCA president’s resignation has been accepted.

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