ESPL Valorant PowerUp: Paratroops disbanded, Binks69 banned for 6 months

ESPL Valorant PowerUp: Paratroops disbanded, Binks69 banned for 6 months

ESPL Valorant PowerUp: Paratroops disbanded, Binks69 banned for 6 months: ESPL presented Paratroops and Binks69 after they admitted to cheating and account sharing, two of the biggest crimes in the eyes of Valorant’s developers– Riot Games. Mithul ‘Binks6’ Nayak had admitted to sharing his account, and play from his account.

According to the ESPL rules, Paratroops have been banned from being a part of any Valorant events organised by them for six months, their spot at the Qualifiers 3 of the Valorant PowerUp event has also been taken. Binks69 has also been presented with a six months ban, following his admission to account sharing.



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Paratroops announced on Instagram, their official announcement saying “OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT]

ParaTroops Signing off.
Thank You for all the love and support”

The team has now been disbanded and the players from the current roster are free to find a new team, the announcement said.

Being fair to the teams that lost to Paratroops, Team MaGeS, Langde Ghode, Offbit Gaming and ZeroIQ en route to a top four place in Qualifier #3, will battle it out, with the winner will take Paratroops’ spot in the Main Event of ESPL Valorant PowerUp India.

“Esports Players League (ESPL)’s mission is to build a sustainable global network and foundation for growing esports talents around the world. Any dishonest and unsportsmanlike behaviour that undermines the credibility of the ranking systems put in place will not be tolerated as they will only thwart the growth of the competitive ecosystem that ESPL hopes to build. ESPL’s responsibility encompasses both the growth and protection of the competitive esports scene,” the official announcement by ESPL said.

Paratroops star Xhade banned for cheating in Valorant

Abhay ‘Xhade’ Urkude was presented with a ban on his Valorant ID for using ‘third-party software’ to have an upper hand in the game. Following which, the Esports Club allowed Paratroops to have a substitution in place of Xhade.

Initially, Xhade had denied all allegations of him using any kind of illegal third-party softwares at the time when he was presented with a ban and then the suspension of his ID.

However, later on, Xhade came out clean and admitted on Mithul ‘Binks69’ Nayak’s live stream, who has recently joined the organisation 8bit, as their content creator. The Paratroops Sentinel, has now admitted to the fact that Xhades, was infact using some kind of cheats and illegal means while playing Valorant but only for three games since he ‘wanted to reach Radiant’.