Esports Streaming : Check out how streamers make monies ?

Live streaming has definitely caught up in India, with PUBG legends like Dynamo (Aditya Sawant ) and Mortal (player and owner of the popular Indian PUBG Mobile team – ‘Team SouL) who have managed to make it huge with 8 million and 6 million followers respectively. Earning upto 1.5lakh per million views per video.

Live streaming is one of the two ways to make money by playing video games, the other one being competitive esports. Let’s talk about streaming today, and they make money. We hear about these big deals and how guys like Ninja and Shroud are making millions of dollars just by live streaming.

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The most direct way for streamers to make money is Subscribers, the base way that subscriber revenue works is, the streamer shares a certain percentage of money paid by the subscriber to the platform, taking Twitch as an example we have –

Tire 1 – 50%

Tire 2 – 60%

Tire 3 – 70%

If you are a large streamer, have a large live audience following then you can negotiate your contract on the subscription.

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Next, we have Ad Revenue, it is determined by the cost per mille, that is about Rs4 for every thousand views, while the factor of how long the ad is viewed, also, not everybody runs ads if someone is using adblocker they will not load the ad in the first place. So if there are ten thousand people that click on the add, then you get paid 3thousand rupees.

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Donations are another obvious way, viewers donate to streamers all the time, you can do it through PayPal and other services set up by the platform you are using, for example, twitch uses bits as donations. The only catch is that the donations count as the purchase of services so PayPal or phone pay do take a small cut out of the donations.

Sponsored streams, this is when a company or organization pays you to stream for them. Sponsors can be of any time, they might ask you to showcase a product on your stream, play their game, use their watermark, check out their website while live, etc.

Merch or merchandise, having your own merch as a streamer is a plain way to generate revenue, you have custom stuff with your brand name manufactured and sell it to the viewers at a higher price.

Social Media, this is only after you have made it big (influencer), you will get paid to post a brand or a product on your Instagram, Facebook, etc and get paid for it.

Partnerships, this is just like selling merch, but for a partner, for example, if you were in a partnership with Razor, they would give you a promo code, and if anyone uses your promo code to buy something you get a small percentage of it.

So building your personal brand is key to making money as a streamer.