eTigers finished at third place at FIFAe Nations Cup 2021: Online Qualifiers

eTigers finished at third place at FIFAe Nations Cup 2021:  Online Qualifiers FIFA Esports
eTigers finished at third place at FIFAe Nations Cup:  Online Qualifiers

eTigers finished at third place at FIFAe Nations Cup: Online Qualifiers: Indian team eTigers couldn’t make it to the FiFAe Nations Cup 2021. They finished in third place at online qualifiers, however, it was an impressive debut on the world stage of Fifa esports. This is the first time when eTigers participated in the online qualifiers of FIFAe Nations Cup, a global FIFA Esports tournament.

Online qualifiers of FIFAe Nations Cup concluded recently where Mumbai’s Siddh Chandarana (20 years old) and Chandigarh’s Charanjot Singh (18 years old) came together to play for India. India finished in third place at the FIFAe Nations Cup 2021 online qualifiers. FIFAe Nations Cup will take place in Denmark later this year. From the MENA region’s online qualifiers top 2 teams got qualified for the event. 

Charanjot shared his experience of the FIFA tournament, “It felt amazing to represent the country while putting jersey on. It was a proud moment for me and Sidhh Chandarana both. We started the online qualifiers with good results and we were at the top position on the leaderboard after Day 1 matches. On the second day, we got qualified for the knockout matches and won the first round of the match but unfortunately, we lost which hurt us.”

“We know it was our first tournament when we are representing the country in global stage. So I don’t think we should be sad and demotivated. We are just sad that we were so close to the final and we lost.” adds Charanjot. 

eTigers are competing in the Middle East and Africa region, where they made it to the winner’s finals but got defeated by Qatar. The tournament has double-elimination format where eTigers got demoted to the loser’s finals. But unfortunately, they again got defeated by their opponents and failed to qualify for the FIFAe Nations Cup. They have shown amazing performance throughout the tournament where they made a notable memory by defeating Saudi Arabia with 8-2. 

Siddh says, “I think Saudi Arabia may have the best roster in world. I managed a draw against Yasser Al-Harthi from Saudi where my teammate Charanjot got defeated by Musaad Aldossary, former World Champion. During the Knockout matches, we got rematch against Saudi Arabia where me and my teammate both knew that we have to perform better than them. Charanjot beated Dossary by 4-1 and I defeated Yasser by 4-1.” 

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