Exclusive : A ‘Taste Match’ of culinary skills



Sandeep Patil is in the leader’s position as a medley of international cricketers join action on a different pitch. The heat will have to be on for the match that will have right dose of masala to entertain you and enliven your taste buds. Skills of many  cricketers –from different era and culinary backgrounds – will display their skills with knives and ladels. You got it right. It’s a cookery show. But with a difference. With a ‘tadka’ of humour, and entertainment.

The idea that took years to develop was conceived by former India batting star Mr Patil. It was during his evenings of loneliness in Nairobi precisely two decades ago. “I started going there in 1987 and I continued going there for 17-18 years. My liking for cooking started from there itself. They have a tradition in their parties, where only male cooks. I always had this love for cooking but never got a chance. To avoid junk food everyday, I started cooking different dishes from there itself,” Mr Patil told InsideSport in a candid, exclusive chat.

It’s a passion, a hobby for Mr Patil. Like his batting carft and variety of strokes, this amateur chef today masters almost 200 recipes. “I never claim that I am a good cook. My passion for cooking has become my hobby now and now it has increased to such an extent that my wife, who is a far better cook than me, I don’t allow her to come in the kitchen. Even nowadays when I am shooting a cookery show, I have to be in the kitchen.

“Today also before speaking to InsideSport, I have made mutton chop (laughs) because for me cooking is the most relaxing thing. I feel at my age you need some source to rejuvenate yourself and for me cooking is that medium. From cricket to coaching to cooking, beautiful journey for me,” says Mr Patil. “All my friends who will be coming as a guest in the show has already tasted food cooked by me so many times. We meet very often but of course they are coming with me on any show like that first time so it has been a completely different experience for me also.

The show will also be a reunion of many old friends, who have shared Team India’s dressing room. So be ready for many secrets to be revealed, many unheard tales to be told. “During the shooting we shared some light moments. With most of them, like Kapil and Gavaskar, I share the a special bond. Players like Ajay Jadeja and Saurav Ganguly know me since the time they used to play under 19, what I am trying to say is we have spent a lot of time together so we have lot of interesting things to share. They all are familiar of my passion for cooking.

“They will be coming, talking, sharing some interesting things and of course eating the food cooked by me. We have shot many episodes so far and I have enjoyed each and every moment of that. I am really hoping that after seeing how much fun we had on sets, those friends of mine who couldn’t make it till now, will show interest to come to the show,” shares Mr Patil.

The show to be aired on & TV and Living Food channels has a tagline ‘Khiladi Wahi, Khel Naya’. As the tagline suggests it’s not just a ‘naya khel’ for the cricketers, but for a cookery show too there is going to be a lot more ‘naya’ aspects.