Facebook acquires VR gaming studio Sanzaru Games

Facebook has acquired California-based video game development company Sanzaru Games, the company announced on Wednesday.

Over the past decade, the Virtual Reality (VR) gaming studio has produced a number of games. The most recent examples include Spyro 3 Reignited and Asgard’s Wrath.

Sanzaru will now be tasked with making new games for Facebook’s Oculus VR gaming. While majority of the Sanzaru staff will join Oculus Studios, it will still work as an independent studio operating out of their current office.

The move is an indication of Facebook’s increasing interest in VR and VR gaming.

Sanzaru has developed games for many platforms over the years, including the latest-generation consoles all the way back to near-classics like the Wii and PS2. Since 2016, the studio has also made four VR titles for the Oculus VR platform and they were the first developer to team up with Oculus Studios.

Recently, Facebook had also acquired Prague-based VR game studio Beat Games, best known for making the rhythm based VR title “Beat Saber”.