Facebook testing feature to ensure fans catch sports action together: Report

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Watch Video Together – the new Facebook feature currently at testing stage may make watching live sports more exciting. The reported feature, at internal tests stage, will enable fans to comment and interact while watching live content.

The new feature can potentially enhance the communal experience of watching live sports on the social media platform, SportsTechie has reported. Facebook has confirmed that an “internal test” was underway, states the report0.

“How can we make the sports viewing experience a better experience with Facebook?,” says Peter Hutton, Facebook’s director of global live sports partnerships and programming, while emphasizing that Facebook was experimenting with sport.

Presently, live sports on Facebook Watch offers the viewers an opportunity to add comments. However, some fans who experienced destruction could exercise the “off” button option.

“We talk a lot with great pride, and rightly so, about being able to chat to your friends while watching a game and consume things in a more interactive way,” Hutton reportedly told the sports’ tech news portal. “But there’s also an audience there that doesn’t want to do that. We have to make it open to both those groups of people.

“And then it’s not just ‘chat while you’re watching the game,’ but it’s ‘chat to people you want to hear from while you’re watching a game.’ How do you make that more possible so you encourage people to watch in groups as opposed to watching with everybody who wants to watch that match? There’s a range of experiences we can make available to people.”

The new feature may potentially also create viral moments during live sports viewing with online comments, interaction and debates.

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