Famous Dota 2 event ‘Diretide’ finally returns after 7 years of constant community requests

  • Diretide is finally here. Check out how to play, collect rewards and everything you need to know.

Brace yourself for a special DOTA 2 event, as fans around the world have been waiting and anticipating for this moment for seven years. Valve has announced the return of Diretide 2020, one of the most popular limited-time game modes ever seen in Dota 2 update. The limited-time mode returns to the game for the first time in seven years, having last been seen in 2013. The game mode holds a legendary status in the Dota2 community. Diretide was released with a trailer of its own which appears when the game is launched.

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The highly awaited, anticipated and speculated event is a game mode in Dota 2. The Diretide game mode is one of the many limited time special events that has been released for Dota 2 over the years and was in fact one of the first to be released way back in 2012. Since then the community on reddit blows up, every year around this time fans would constantly spam Valve, and car manufacturer Volvo thanks to the Volvo Giff Diretide meme, for its return.

Dota 2 has declined in player count this year, valve has taken notice of this fact and why not try to bring back players who have stopped playing the game, and what better way to do that than bringing back the best game mode in the history of Dota 2.

What is Diretide Game mode, How to play it?

The mode sees players having to collect Halloween candy from around the map, and stopping opponents from grabbing it, all while continuing to play a normal game of Dota. Oh and Roshan is liable to attack you unless you feed him candy. The team with the most taffy at the end of the round wins and the first team to win 3 rounds claims victory.

Of course in the seven years since we saw Diretide Dota 2 has become a very different game, so Valve has updated the game mode significantly for its return. While the in-game action seems to be pretty much the same as it was all those years ago, the rewards you can earn have been totally overhauled.

Hallowed Chest of the Diretide

As if buying chests wasn’t enough now to open this Hallowed chest of the Diretide requires a diretide 2020 key. You can buy 1 chest for 705 Rupees and 1 key will cost 185 Rupees. The chest has 40 sets and you can get what you want because you can trade up the items directly ingame! Yes, you can buy, sell, and trade-up items directly in game.

The chest also has 5 tiers to it –

Dire Tide Points and rewards

Now you can earn more than 75 cosmetics from the Diretide event, with each game you play, be it in Diretide or normal Dota, giving you Diretide Points. These points can be redeemed to get the Diretide exclusive items, and with the event running until December 22 you will have lots of time to earn them.

Throughout the Diretide season players will earn Diretide points by playing regular dota matches as well as Diretide game mode. Every

100 Diretide Points will earn you one of Roshan’s many rewards including Hallowed Chests.

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