Famous Indian DOTA 2 pro players ‘Crowley’ and ‘Swifty’ resigns from the game, Check why

Two of the most prominent figures in Indian Dota 2, Raunak “Crowley” Sen and Jeet “Swifty” Kundar have officially retired from the game. The players who were once the face of Indian esports have now called it quits on the game in which they dominated the Indian scene for more than 3 years now. The main reason behind these prominent players quitting Dota 2 is because there is no viable esport scene around the game anymore, no sponsorships, and no tournaments.


In a Facebook post, Swifty said that he is going to miss every moment of his memorable journey in Dota 2. This 24-year-old started playing dota2 professionally in 2013 when he played on his first-team Blades of Chaos and Surekh Gaming. He almost quit Dota at this point, but his first prominent team that saw him gain national recognition in the Dota2 community was Team eluens, this beast of a team had, hands down, 3 of the best Indian Dota 2 players including No_chance and Blizzard. The team after 10 months renamed themselves Beyond Infinity, at the time was the best Dota2 team in India. Not long after Beyond Infinity merged with Invisible wings, his to make a the powerhouse Entity Gaming which was for a short period. Swifty had a short stint with ROG and then formed the powerhouse of a team; Team Signify was the most dominant force seen in Dota2 India.

The faces behind the team, Swifty, Blizzard, Crowley, No_chance, and Negi had always been the faces behind the winning team in Dota2. But Signify, this powerhouse killed the competition so hard that players and teams would wonder why even compete in a tournament when we know the winner. There was no tournament in India that was not won by Crowley and Swifty on signify, not to take anything from their teammates.

Even after Signify, the duo continued to play together, as they played on Global esports and then Reckoning esports, which both of them are still a part of. You can read about Mr.Crowley’s Journey here.

When asked about his proudest achievement, Swift said ” placing top 5 in PVP esports against team Secret, Fanatic and the best teams in the world”. He also agreed that he won’t be quitting the game and said that “Casual Dota is a must in my life”. This shows how the game has become a part of him and it is hard for him to leave it all.

Swifty has always been a mid player in Dota 2 and has been playing high-level pubs for the longest time now, in fact, it’s been 3 years since he hit 8k MMR which is a massive feat in Dota2. His most played hero of all time is Templar Assasin, of which I have had the misfortune of playing against.

Both Crowley and Swifty are less credited for their achievements than they deserve, but moving forward the duo is definitely not going to quit pro gaming. It might be the end of Dota2 for them but not the end of esports. These athletes have a thirst to quench and what game they are stepping into next is yet to be announced.

Swifty is yet to announce what is his next step, we guess its Wild Rift as many Dota players are shifting to the game. Divine ex-captain of the Entity Dota2 squad was picked up by Noble esports. We have our bets on it being Wild Rift, but let’s just wait and see. As the Dota2 community of India feels their loss, a chance of a comeback by the game in India is highly unlikely and the best outcome for players who are heavily invested in the game is to find new avenues as esports is an everchanging eco-system adaptability is key.