FAUG launched: Check gameplay, download links and first impression of FAUG

FAUG launch: Gameplay, download links and first impression

FAUG launched: Check gameplay, download links and first impression of FAUG: When I first heard the announcement of FAUG in India, after PUBG Mobile’s ban in the country, I, like every other player was a little sceptical. The name gave birth to an emotion of patriotism, and the gamer in me was hurt by the ban of a game most of the players adored. Apprehensions grew when the trailer was first released, not knowing the gameplay was a pain, to say the least. It has been a long time since, and the first glance at the game has left me surprised. 

Here’s my first-hand opinion of the game:

I accessed the game when the game had just gotten out, and any improvements in the graphics are after this report was written:

FAU-G first impressions

FAUG currently is being offered in three modes: Campaign, Team Deathmatch and Free for all. However, just the Campaign mode is available for now. Both the Team Deathmatch 5v5 mode and Free for all battle royale mode will be made available in the future updates. 

FAUG lauch: Gameplay, download links and first impression

I played the game on an Android and used the highest graphics settings. The game comes with the option of playing at medium settings as a default. My device didn’t heat, nor did it lag at any point. It is crucial to note that the game is just 460 MB, as compared to PUBG Mobile.

Starting with the graphics of the game– they are brilliant for a Made in India game. The trailer didn’t even match to even half of what FAUG is like. nCore Games has delivered. The graphics might not match the likes of Call of Duty: Mobile or PUBG Mobile, but they do look engaging and realistic enough.

Though one cannot set the difficulty in the game, the time-bound aspect of the game makes it tough for you to complete all the levels. The game starts easily and as you cross hurdles( Read: Defeat players) you are faced with more enemy troops that you have to defeat single-handedly. As you go on, the narration from the Galwan Valley continues in Hindi, and if you get defeated, the narration from the enemy side comes in English. You start from the last checkpoint once you are defeated by the enemies.

The lead character, a Sikh army officer takes in the Chinese army officers and can be heard saying dialogues like “Ek FAUG mission pure kiye bina waapis nahi laut taa,” which is fun at the start, but becomes too much as you get into the game. While I was playing the game, the Chinese Army men were taunting the lead in English, however, for many, the taunts could be heard in Chinese. This could be a bug since there are a lot of languages the game can be played in. 

FAUG launch: Gameplay, download links and first impression

The army officer has to take on the Chinese Army to get to his crew. 

What could be added by nCore Games later is the ability for players to carry health packs. Sitting down near a bonfire just does feel like you’re in the middle of combat. Players should be able to heal when they are moving since it could save a lot of mission time and would save them the trouble of going back to the last bonfire.

FAUG launch: Gameplay, download links and first impression

Currently, the game only has hand to hand combat weapons, which is a bit of a disappointment but owing to the reality of the LAC, it fits the plot. However, there are melee weapons that you can eventually use in the game– you have to use them judiciously since they have limited hits, and break after two kills.

To make the game PG-rated, there is no use of blood, however, you will see the number of damage inflicted to the AI bots in the form of numbers. There is no health bar for opponents, and you have to hit them a lot of times before you know they are dead.