FAUG vs PUBG: FAUG’s popularity falls majorly two week after release, Is it worth a global release?

FAUG vs PUBG: Ever since FAUG was launched on January 26, the game was only deemed as India Exclusive. However, nCore Games has now announced that the game has been released globally. Players outside of India will now be able to download and play FAU-G through Google Play. However, there is no update on when FAUG will be launched for the iOS platform.

Even though FAUG’s rating has been drastically dropping, the game is still a top free game in India a couple of days after launch and it still holds that title. At the time of this report, FAUG’s rating stands at 3.0 stars on Google Play Store.

nCore Games took to Twitter to share that FAU-G is now available globally on Google Play. PUBG plays have mocked FAUG immensely and gave a bad rating to FAUG reviews on Google Play for it not being at par with PUBG Mobile.

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Here is what you can expect from FAUG in the coming months in the form of guns, modes and features:

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Battle Royale Mode

FAUG doesn’t have a battle royale mode, and the CEO of the company, Vishal Gondal says that the game is nothing like PUBG, as it was earlier anticipated. The game starts with a story mode that is single-player gameplay only.

A battle royale mode is an online multiplayer game mode that revolves around survival, exploration, and looting, only to be the last man standing. The game starts with bare-minimal equipment and the objective is to loot, and eliminate opponents and become the last person standing.

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New Guns or What?

At present, FAUG doesn’t feature any gun. However, it is anticipated that guns will be added at a later stage in the game. As per the original agreement between India and China, there will be no guns at the Galwan Valley, and keeping in mind this, nCore Games decided to keep this part of the game limited to a hand combat-stick combat format. However, as the game opens more features in the near future, a variety of guns are expected to get added.

Multiplayer Mode

The game doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, but according to Vishal Gondal, CEO of nCore Games, there are going to be many additions in the game. Multiplayer mode is a possible addition, and so is an addition of a battle pass, which is readily available multiplayer games like COD Mobile.