Fernando Torres confirms his move to J-League side Sagan Tosu


The Spanish forward Fernando Torres has confirmed his move to the J-League side Sagan Tosu.

Torres confirmed his move from Atletico Madrid to Sagan Tosu at Press conference today (Tuesday). He is leaving the LaLiga club after a three-year stint.

The striker’s contract was set to expire at the end of this season. The veteran decided to move on as he had been mostly confined to the Atletico Madrid dugout this season – playing only in two games and making just 17 appearances through the season.

“It has not been an easy decision. Looking at the reality, the circumstances, perhaps it’s for the best. I accept that I am not having much of a role, so perhaps this is the moment to step aside for others,” Torres said.

The Spaniard, who could score a mere two goals this season, has been far from his best. The seasoned pro once held the Liverpool record for his 33 goals in a single season, which is only better this season by Mohammad Salah’s 38 goals.

This was his second stint with his favourite club since his childhood. Torres had joined Atletico Madrid in the year 2015, after having first left the club in 2007 – playing for the Premier League clubs Liverpool and Chelsea in the intervening period.

Meanwhile, football club Barcelona signed another Brazilian midfielder. It was the youngster Arthur who made the transfer from Gremino (Brazil). Only 21 years old, the youngster signed a 6-year contract. The deal was inked at €40 million ($46.8 million). His contract also includes a buy-out clause of €400 million ($451 million).