FIFA 22 Official Gameplay Trailer released: All new features Explained

FIFA 22 Official Gameplay Trailer released: All new features Explained
FIFA 22 Official Gameplay Trailer released: All new features Explained

EA released the Official Gameplay Trailer of FIFA 22 on July 29, 2021. The new gameplay trailer revealed a whole new set of features and technology that has been introduced in the game. EA claims FIFA 22 will offer the most authentic football experience ever. FIFA 22 will have a lot of improvements on in-game tactics and the way players move as a team. The defensive tactics have been improved a lot and the game has maintained a realistic equilibrium between attack and defense. FIFA 22 gameplay trailer, official, EA Sports Games

Watch the FIFA 22 Official Gameplay Trailer Here: 

EA introduced the new HyperMotion Technology, which uses Xsens suits to capture a high-intensity football match played by professional footballers. They have collected about 8.7 million frames of motion capturing data from a 11v11 high intensity football match played by professional footballers and used advanced machine learning algorithms for the first time in the game’s history.

The HyperMotion Technology delivers a host of new features that includes the following:

  1. Full Team Authentic Motion
  2. ML-Flow
  3. Tactical A.I
  4. Kinetic Air Battles
  5. Composed Ball Control
  6. Player Humanization

These new features elevate the gameplay experience significantly. EA was able to bring the Full team authentic motion feature by motion-capturing a football match played by professionals, which greatly increased the dynamics of the game. EA includes over 4000 new animations that raise the physicality, responsiveness and intensity of players.

The new Tactical A.I feature makes every player smarter on the pitch. Players can process up to 6 times more decisions made per second than the previous FIFA titles. Attackers can now react more quickly and finish more efficiently. The defensive line is more composed and good at maintaining their shape.

Kinetic Air Battles offers players to experience life-like duels among the footballers and intensified animations. The Composed Ball Control feature includes two touch animations, which help players to take control of the ball quickly in their stride.

By the help of advanced 11v11 match capture, The Player Humanization feature has been introduced where players can see footballers giving instructions all around the match like in real-life and new animations feel more real. Players can see the emotion of top level footballers trying to talk, point and give directions on the pitch.

FIFA 22 gameplay trailer
FIFA 22 gameplay trailer

EA have also mentioned some Additional Updates which include:

  1. Goalkeeper Rewrite
  2. True Ball Physics
  3. Explosive Sprint
  4. New Attacking Tactics
  5. Immersive Matchday Experience
  6. Bigger Goal Moments

The goalkeeper has been completely rebuilt from scratch and offers more realistic positioning and whole new animations which define the personality of top keepers. EA has used real world data to integrate true ball physics into the game. This includes point of contact, air speed, drag and many more factors. FIFA 22 also has a new feature called Explosive Sprint which offers players more control while unleashing the acceleration of footballers when required.

EA also introduced new attacking tactics for players to explore and which will resonate with exactly how the player wants to attack in each half. Immersive Matchday Experience brings new dynamic lighting, immersive atmosphere and also a new commentary team. Bigger goal moments also include new kinds of celebrations for world class footballers. FIFA 22 will be coming out on October 1, 2021, Players who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition will get early access to FIFA 22 on September 27, 2021.

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FIFA 22 gameplay trailer, official, EA Sports Games