FIFA announces eSports international football competition

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The growing popularity of eSports has led FIFA to announce another tournament in the gaming domain. This time it will be an eSports competition between national teams. The inaugural eNations Cup will take place on April 13-14 as an invite-only exhibition event. It will introduce a new format of national teams and member associations competing against each other in a team competition on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. Sixteen national teams representing all of FIFA’s confederations – Concacaf, Conmebol, CAF, OFC, AFC and Uefa – will be invited to take part in the event.

The eNations Cup is one of three events hosted by the football association within the FIFA 19 Global Series, which is operated by EA Sports. Competing nations have the option of hosting a championship to find their eFootball team. The selected players will then be invited to represent their country in the eNations Cup

The inaugural event will be an exhibition series designed to introduce a new format of national teams and member associations competing against each on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup.

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As one of the eight major events in the EA Sports FIFA 19 Global Series, the eNations Cup will offer points in addition to the prize money. “The dedicated nations tournament is another significant and exciting step forward for FIFA and the development of eFootball globally,” said chief digital transformation and innovation officer at FIFA, Luis Vicente.

“After the successful introduction of the FIFA eClub World Cup in recent years and the new team mode, we are looking forward to integrating this nation vs nation competition into our eFootball portfolio.

“Furthermore, the FIFA eNations Cup represents for us another great step in the growth and development of eFootball, further enhancing engagement with fans and players worldwide as well as allowing our member associations to develop and activate eFootball programs and competitions in their country.”

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