FIFA chief vows resolve for Women’s World League, Club World Cup

FIFA World Cup: Biennial World Cup can be a reality now as FIFA congress gives green signal to feasibility study; Gianni Infantino

Gianni Infantino is not at all dissuaded by not getting desired support for his proposal for the Women’s World Football League. The FIFA president has reiterated his strong resolve to work for a new Women’s World League national team competition.

Speaking at the

Football Conference in Milan, Italy, Infantino asserted that FIFA has to “build on the momentum” created by the Women’s World Cup in France earlier this year.

Infantino said that his original plan for a Women’s World League in 2017 had received “big, big support” from football officials. “We then brought it back to the FIFA Council, where it was, how shall I say? Put on hold, or blocked for probably some sports politics reasons? I don’t know exactly why. But we will return it back to the table until it is approved,” has reported Infantino as saying.

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Inside FIFA Football Conference 2019

FIFA’s maiden global strategy for women’s football, launched in October last year, included plans to introduce a women’s equivalent to the men’s Club World Cup. Reopening the issue in Milan, Infantino said that a 16 or 24-team tournament could be held over three to four weeks, with the host nation assigned on a rotational basis.

“We need to create a World Cup for clubs. We cannot think that we can seriously develop women’s football by only having national team (events). We also need clubs, to give them more reasons to invest and a stage where they can perform. So I will propose a Club World Cup. Every year, starting in 2020 or the year after next. I don’t think it will take us a long time to organise it,” he added.

The FIFA conference in Milan was hosted to analyse the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019.

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