FIFA launches “Live Your Goal” campaign in Tibet

FIFA launches

FIFA, the world governing body for football, has launched the women’s soccer development initiative “Live Your Goals” campaign in Tibet.

FIFA took the campaign to Lhasa, where the first activities to begin the launch featured futsal games and competitions designed to get girls engaged in in the sport. The campaign will see new football campuses coming up in 51 schools across the city, covering primary, middle and high schools.

The idea, which was introduced at FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany in 2011, has found support across the world in countries ranging from the Gambia to Latvia. FIFA had then decided that it would like to make LIVE YOUR GOALS available to member associations after a pilot phase in 2012-2013.

The initiative aims to assist FIFA’s member associations as they strive to create awareness and to develop soccer for girls and women in their respective countries.

FIFA, in the document titled FIFA’s LIVE YOUR GOALS Campaign – Introduction and Guidelines for Member Associations, has listed the following objectives of this initiative:

• Increase participation of girls and women in football

• Increase the popularity of women’s football locally, nationally and globally

• Spark, foster and generate excitement about women’s football

• Create the best platforms for women’s football to thrive, with more females becoming lifelong participants in the sport

• Ensure that football is the number one sport for females across the globe in terms of participation and popularity

Fifa’s support has included supporting members with branding, communications and concept development, as well as providing financial assistance.