FIFA to share data protection expertise with ‘all football stakeholders’

Inside FIFA Data Protect Summit 2019!

FIFA will conduct a Data Protection Summit at its Zurich headquarters on October 2.

FIFA at the first of its kind summit aims to share with all football stakeholders its experience in implementing data protection measures.

The Data Protection Summit is being organised as a platform for all member associations, confederations, clubs and players’ unions to present their solutions to comply with data protection regulations and share their experiences, FIFA has stated in a Press note.

At the FIFA Data Protection Summit 2019, attendees will present their projects, learn from each other, and set a basis for future collaboration and alignment in data protection. The FIFA Data Protect Summit 2019 and will gather speakers from the International Olympic Committee, confederations, member associations, clubs and other football stakeholders.

Attendance at the FIFA Data Protection Summit is free of charge and open to all representatives of member associations, confederations, leagues, clubs and players’ unions. The number of attendees is limited to the total capacity of the Home of FIFA auditorium.

Data protection is a topic that has received growing attention in recent times. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has now been in force for more than a year, has become a well-known and globally accepted standard in data protection.

FIFA has committed itself to the protection of football stakeholders’ interests, which includes the protection of their personal data. Consequently, FIFA has carried out several internal assessments of its processing of personal data, updated existing processes to enforce data protection, and adjusted security measures. Furthermore, FIFA has implemented communication channels to guarantee data subjects’ rights, reached out to providers, and adapted contractual relationships related to data protection. FIFA has also kicked off several projects to implement data protection into the design of new data processing systems.

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